Bluetooth® LE

Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) has recently emerged as an enhancement to the classic Bluetooth technology. There are two types of Bluetooth LE chip, the dual-mode chip which supports both Bluetooth LE and the classic Bluetooth technology and the single-mode chip which only supports Bluetooth LE.

Kolila Consulting have been closely involved in the development of Bluetooth LE and continue to work on various aspects of this new technology.

The single mode chip consumes a fraction of the power of the dual-mode chip, using solutions where applications can run for a year or more on small coin batteries without the need for recharging, thus making them low on power as well as cost but with long lasting connectivity.

The dual-mode chip allows the integration of the Bluetooth LE stack & functionality with the classic Bluetooth chip, resulting in minimal cost increases but enhanced capabilities.

Bluetooth low energy technology uses a new object-oriented approach towards profiles that will allow many different interoperable devices to be supported.

This opens up vast opportunities for both developers and manufacturers to produce devices requiring low power connectivity, in areas such as personal healthcare, sports & fitness, communications, home automation, toys, watches and home entertainment.