3 Years Old!!

This month sees the anniversary of Kolila Consulting’s
3rd year in business

Kolila Consulting was established in 2008 by CEO Simon Kingston and has seen a steady growth in development since then.

As anyone that has ever been involved in establishing a company will know, it’s a big challenge, particularly in the current economic climate.  Simon’s aim has always been to maintain a steady and sustainable growth pattern for the company; to establish a team of industry experts with the flexibility to diversify as technology changes.

With additional staff joining the team and an expanding network of customers, our hope is that it will continue to grow and become recognised as a key supplier of software, hardware and consultancy services for the wireless technology industry…for many years to come.


Actress & Inventor

Hedy Lamarr, is probably best known for her acting career between 1930 – 1958, however she was also the co-inventor of an early technique for ‘spread spectrum communications’, a technique that has become key to many forms of wireless communication used today.

Hedy gained a lot of her technical knowledge during her first marriage to the arms manufacturer, Fritz Mandl. Fritz prevented Hedy from pursuing her acting career during their marriage and insisted instead that she attend business meetings with him. Hedy already had a talent for mathematics but it was during these meetings that she also learned about military technology.

Hedy later worked with her neighbour, the composer George Antheil, on their frequency-hopping spread-spectrum invention, know as the ‘secret communication system’. In August 1942 they were granted a US patent for their invention.

The early version of the frequency-hopping spread-spectrum was intended for military use, to make it difficult for enemies to block signals from radio-controlled missiles.

The idea was eventually taken up by the US military and used during a blockage of Cuba in 1962, about three years after the patent had expired, meaning that Hedy and George Antheil never received any money for their invention. However, their work has been widely recognised for it’s importance in forming the basis of much of the wireless and communications technology in use today.

For more information about Hedy Lamarr visit the following websites…




Hedy Lamarr – 9th November 1913 to 19th January 2000

Welcome to Rob!

Kolila are please to welcome Rob Palfreyman to the team, Rob joins the company as Business Development Consultant.

In this role, Rob will take the lead in developing a sales and marketing strategy that will lead the company towards new business development opportunities and future growth.

Rob has significant experience in the industry and has worked with many large bluechip organisations.  We look forward to his contributions to the growth and continued success of Kolila.

Rob can be contacted on his direct line: +44 (0) 1223 750143 or by email:  rob.palfreyman@kolilaconsulting.co.uk

Remote Control for iPhone, iPod or iPad

In 2009 Kolila was given the opportunity to work with one of the leading suppliers of Apple accessories on one of their exciting new products. The product allows an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad to be used as a universal remote control, allowing the user to control several consumer electronic devices, with just one remote.

A software application installed on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad allows data to be transmitted, via Bluetooth® wireless technology, through a unit containing infra-red transmitters that direct a signal around the room to the TV, stereo, multimedia system, air conditioning unit, or whatever has been programmed.

Kolila’s part in this project was to develop the PCB design and layout (suitable for final production) and the embedded software that sits in the transmitter unit.

The Bluetooth® functionality for this device was provided by a module based on CSR’s BC5-MM chip with an application based around the TrueWireless SDK 2009 RC4.0.

New Look Website & Logo

This week sees the launch of Kolila’s new look website and company logo, which we think gives the company a fresh new look and feel.

The website is designed to make it easy for us to update with news, articles and case studies, and therefore easy for you to keep up to date with what’s going on at Kolila.

Our intention is for this website to be constantly evolving.  We will be adding more information and case studies over the coming weeks.  So please have a look around and let us know what you think by adding a comment below…

The website, including all the graphics and the logo were designed and constructed by designer Andrea Cristofaro.  To get in touch with Andrea, or to see more examples of his work, please visit his website www.andreacristofaro.com

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