More and more people are listening to their music on the go and using wireless or Bluetooth® headsets to do so, not just for listening to music but also whilst watching movies, listening to digital radio and for gaming.

Wireless audio technology can be applied to may things like motorcycle crash helmets for example, allowing communication from bike to bike, pillion, navigation unit, music device or phone. With voice activated functions the rider can control these devices whilst on the move.

Using wireless technology is a great way of listening to your music or radio wherever you are around your home. You may want to listen to music from your stereo or computer in a different room or in the garden, wireless speakers or earphones will enable you to do this, or you could stream your sound to several devices positioned in different rooms, allowing you to play the same track or radio station all over your home or something different in every room.

Another example of wireless audio technology can be found in baby monitoring devices. Modern baby monitors have large transmission ranges so you could be enjoying a BBQ in your garden but still be able to hear when baby wakes up.

Receptionists and call centre staff who use the phone constantly often use wireless headsets to enable them to move more freely and comfortably and carry out other tasks, whilst still being able to receive calls.

More and more people are using VoIP to communicate via their computers or laptops using wireless headsets to do so, freeing them from the restrictions of a wired land line.